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Who We Are

Roll for Damage is a disabled veteran-owned small business incorporated in Georgia. We employ other veterans and military family members and do the best we can with what we have left.

Reaching back to our days in the military, we developed mission and vision statements to help keep us focused.

Mission: To provide Greater Augusta the premier gaming experience it deserves

Vision: Roll for Damage provides the premier gaming experience to the Greater Augusta area through safe and friendly gaming environments, in-demand game products and merchandise, and innovative and creative gaming opportunities.

Values: Integrity, Creativity, Corporate Citizenship

In other words, we serve the best gamers in the world and we want to provide them the best gaming experience possible. This means clean stores, no bullying among players, polite employees, fair pricing, games you want, events you enjoy, no table fees, and staff responsive to the gamers' needs.

We have been members of both the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and the Game Manufacturers' Association since we opened in 2016.